Transportation Consultancy

Are you seeking substantial cost savings on your shipping needs? Or do you need a solution to a logistics problem? With over 35 years of experience in transportation and logistics, we can find a suitable solution for all your transport flows.

You can rely on us for a transparent transport analysis, for obligation-free advice, or for an honest comparison of providers. To maintain our feeling for the market, we also have some vehicles of our own on the road throughout Europe. As a shipping consultant, this enables us to make realistic comparisons of providers, without any miscommunication about the shipping conditions. This prevents any uncertainties or unforeseen annoyances from arising, for you or your customer.

Until now, we have consistently managed to achieve higher load factors against normal market prices for all our clients. Savings of 10 to 20% on your total shipping costs are no exception. A higher load factor also means that the number of runs can be reduced substantially. This not only cuts costs, but it also gets your shipment to its destination faster.